A City Break: Budapest

This week I travelled with my sister, sister-in-law and her sister (slight tongue-twister) for a 3 day trip to Budapest, Hungary. We flew with RyanAir from London Stansted to Budapest’s International Airport. After arriving at our hotel and settling in, the adventure began!

Matthias Church

The first day arriving was great. Despite waking up early and scoffing a Burger King meal at 6am (no ones complaining), we were ready to see what Budapest had to offer. The location of our hotel was fantastic because not only were we in the city centre, the main attractions were a 15-minute walk away. A package deal was offered to us which included a 1 hour and 30-minute bus tour around some of Budapest’s most breathtaking attractions all for the price of 6€! We were able to get off at each stop, take pictures and another bus would take us to the next stop. My favourite stops by far were the Fisherman’s Bastion which had a resemblance to Walt Disney’s logo and the Matthias Church from the 14th century. The beautiful views and sunset were just mesmerizing and the architecture left us all breathless. I loved the simplicity of the church and the stunning panoramic views the Fisherman’s Bastion gave us. We took a taxi back to our hotel and got ready for a boat tour on the Danube River in the evening. The boat offered us hot Hungarian wine and blankets as we passed more beautiful buildings like the Hungarian Parliament, Buda Castle Hill and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath
Hungarian Parliament from the boat

The second day was a very relaxing one. Once we had eaten breakfast at the hotel, we hopped on a taxi which took us right to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. This is one of the two biggest medicinal hot baths in Europe with 3 grand pools and many other pools and sauna’s inside. We spent the entire day swimming in hot waters of 38°C despite the weather being only 7°C! The baths water is considered to be very healthy as it’s used to treat conditions of the joints and arthritis. Personally, the water was amazing for my skin. After just a few hours, my skins felt soft and small little pimples on my forehead had disappeared. The pools inside were great as well, one pool had the water turn us in circular motions which we presumed helped our circulatory system. We returned back to our hotel and got ready to indulge in a massive dinner since it was our final night in Budapest. After doing just that, we stumbled across a bar which had a Cuban theme that night including Cuban music and singers. The atmosphere was amazing and luckily the bar was a quick 2-minute walk from our hotel so obviously, we stayed quite late.

Xmas tree at the Budapest Market at night

Our final morning in Budapest was quite busy. We had around 4 hours before we’d get picked up to be sent to the airport so we set off to find souvenirs and discover some more about Budapest. We found the beautiful Budapest Christmas Markets which sold food, fur coats and accessories as well as souvenirs. I bought key rings, handmade pencils and a beautiful magnet that had a pink sunset landscape that reminded me of the beautiful sunset I witnessed up in the Fisherman’s Bastion when we arrived. Despite planning thoroughly what our last day would consist of, we lost track of time and ended up spending over 2 hours in a beautiful cafe near the markets – a lovely way to end our trip.

The journey back home was the perfect time for me to take in what a stunning city Budapest is and all the wonderful things I experienced there. I’d recommend the city to anyone looking for a place that offers stunning views and architecture, as well as someone looking to relax for a few days. I arrived back home well rested and ready to get through what’s left of 2017.

Airplane view

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